Virtual Moving Surveys: The New Standard?

I apologize if you’re tired of hearing about “The New Normal.” Although the statement is inextricably associated with one of the most difficult times in history, it does a very good job of summarizing the changes that are still to come. Moving house, for example, is still very much conceivable, but there are a lot of changes to the procedures involved. The survey that moves is a prime illustration. We wouldn’t have believed you if you had informed us that a virtual survey will be the standard procedure starting in 2021. Surely the removal company needs to be on the premises in order to give a reasonable quote? Not at all. These days, a lot of buyers and sellers are gladly participating in online relocation surveys. What you should know is as follows.

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What is an virtual survey for moving?

If you’ve had to attend business meetings in the past few months, it’s likely that you did so using a video calling app like Zoom or Skype. Virtual relocation surveys are completed in the same manner. Instead of physically being there, the surveyor works remotely with the customer over a video link. In these situations, the client must perform some legwork; nonetheless, the goal is for the surveyor to fully comprehend what has to be relocated. While there are certain difficulties involved, most surveyors have honed the procedure to the point that it is absolutely feasible to acquire a trustworthy, accurate survey via video, even if it will never fully replace being there in person.

How do virtual surveys operate?

Before beginning any sort of virtual survey, a surveyor must first record the needs of the customer. This makes it possible for them to offer the best service possible for the given job. The survey may start as soon as the service has been agreed upon, and this is often when the client turns their camera around and walks through each area. The surveyor then notes the volume, size, and kind of each item as the customer explains what has to be relocated.

What equipment is required?

It should come as no surprise that the business currently offers a variety of specialized virtual moving survey services and solutions. They are not strictly necessary, however they do allow images to be taken and movies to be recorded during the call for reference. The majority of house relocation surveys are conducted using tools and services that are available to all of us. You should thus be set to go as long as you have a smartphone that supports FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Skype.

Is this what’s to come?

Yes, that’s quite likely. Virtual house relocation surveys have shown to be popular and refreshing in terms of their efficiency, just like so many other things during lockdown. When done remotely, the surveyor doesn’t have to visit the site, which lowers the company’s carbon footprint and saves time and money. Additionally, the customer doesn’t have to worry about inviting strangers into their house in the event of a pandemic. Additionally, they provide greater flexibility because virtual surveys may be completed more quickly and at the client’s leisure. While in-person surveys are still preferable in some circumstances, these online versions are as accurate. It has also made it possible for surveyors to work on properties outside of their service area. This is especially helpful if the customer is coming from a far location to the local region and needs a different quote from a local mover.

What happens if I decide against doing it virtual?

That is very reasonable, and fortunately, it is not necessary! Some folks find it unsettling to consider doing a virtual moving poll. Some people might not even find video calling technology to be sufficiently comfortable. In a similar vein, there are also some situations when it just won’t function. For instance, it may still be preferable to assess properties in person, especially if they are vast or have intricate objects that need to be moved. The same holds true for business relocations or homes with unique features like difficult access. It is difficult for the surveyor to have a clear image of what has to be done in certain situations so that they can confidently quote. Fortunately, face-to-face surveys remain completely safe and feasible as long as everyone abides by the social distancing guidelines. The mtc removals can assist you talk through which alternative would work best for you. Simply contact us to learn more.